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Depositing With

You can use your account to make game room deposits at You can use any coin supports, but using CRO (their in house crypto coin) will earn you cash back on all deposits.  

If you don’t currently have an account with, you can use our link to open an account and receive any current new account promo’s they are running. Our Referral Link:

Using Step 1

1st – Go to your account page (link on site menu) and at the top under “Fast Deposit” choose your amount to credit, game room and click the custom deposit button.

Using Step 2

2nd – On the checkout screen choose as the payment type. Submit the order.

Using Step 3

3rd – You’ll get a pop-up and you’ll choose App

Using Step 4

4th – Confirm the amount of your deposit and click the button to open your phone App.

Using Step 5

5th – Choose the coin you wish to deposit with from your available coins. Choose CRO to earn cash back from

Using Step 6

6th – Confirm your deposit by clicking the “Confirm” button on the App.

Using Step 7

7th – You’re ready to play now. You can see if your deposit has been received by clicking the deposit history option on your account page.

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Now Deposit With Debit Cards

Your deposit is automatically sent to us in US dollar stable coins and then credited to your game room.

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