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Terms of Use

The terms and conditions (“T&Cs” or “Agreement”) represent and govern the contractual relationship between the parties, playfishgames.online and gofish.today.

These General terms and conditions, the promotional terms, privacy policy and the company collectively represent a binding agreement between the Player and the Company. The player hereby acknowledges and accepts the unique validity of such terms and Conditions.

If Conditions range in different languages to the English language version, the English language model shall prevail in any event. This additionally applies to the foundations of the game, any texts on the web site in addition to any info in regards to any of our affiliate programs.


Company: “Company” shall refer to the web sites playfishgames.online together with any subdomains and/or the web site gofish.today including any subdomains.

Player: Any individual over eighteen (18) years of age and who takes part in gaming as outlined on this agreement.

Agreement: The terms of behavior contained in these terms and conditions, the promotional terms, general terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy


 1.1 This agreement supersedes any and all earlier preparations and undertakings between the company and the player and represents all the agreements between the parties

 1.2 The terms and situations apply to the products or services and content material of Company, content material sent to or uploaded (e.g. image uploads, doc uploads) to the company by Players by e-mail, chat messages and SMS. In addition, they apply to the payout of winnings and the acquisition of affiliate or bonus points and credits.

1.3 Within the occasion that any of the terms, situations and provisions contained on this agreement are decided to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable to any extent, by any competent authority, such terms, situations and/or provisions will be severed from the remaining terms, circumstances and provisions which shall continue to be legitimate to the fullest amount permitted by law.

1.4 The Company is available and marketed in a desktop, tablet and in a mobile phone version. The mobile model of Company could also be accessed by a tablet device, whereas the desktop model could also be accessed by a mobile phone or laptop computer. The terms and conditions are relevant to all customers of Company, whether or not by means of a desktop computer, a cellular mobile system and/or any other hardware and/or software.

1.5 The player agrees that he/she is a minimum of 18 years of age and that he/she accepts and acknowledges these terms and Conditions. Such agreement and acceptance

 occurs by clicking the “Sign Up” button and finishing the registration form and by participating or playing the Company’s skill arcade recreation games by clicking the “play now” or “play” button.

Relevant Law

 2.1 Regardless of the place the player resides, all authorized relations between Company and the Player, the validity and termination of such relationship, in addition to any dispute arising therefrom are solely ruled by legal guidelines of Costa Rica.  These games are promoted and are targeted with advertising to citizens of areas that wagering on games of skill is legal.

 2.2 player can be notified upfront to adjustments to the terms and Conditions. When player logs into their account player accepts and acknowledge the changes.

 2.3 skilled gaming could be against the law and the legal guidelines of a player’s Nation or State of residence. In such case, the player may not assemble use of the products or use services of Company.

Company won’t assume any Legal responsibility in anyway on this regard and won’t reimburse the player for any disadvantages suffered by him due to the violation of any authorized provisions which may be relevant to the player. The player shall be certain that he/she acts following the legal provisions applicable to him/her.

2.4 I am at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in my place of residence and/or current location, if the age of majority is over the age of 18.

I’m not in an area that prohibits wagering on games of skill (see terms page).  I understand that gofish.today takes efforts to geo-block countries and US states that we understand to not allow skilled game wagering. However, I will not rely on the fact I am able to access this site as proof that skilled wagering is legal in my current area. I understand that geo-blocking can be affected by many conditions and any VPN I may be using.  Further I understand that gofish.today and any of it’s sites cannot be relied on for legal advice, that steps taken to block access are only taken as a precaution of how we interpret the laws and that gofish.today, affiliated sites and companies will not be held responsible for your decision to use the services of our website.  You the player are responsible for determining if your actions are legal.

Circumstances of Participation

 3.1 To open a player account and to take part in the video games provided by the Company, the player has to correctly complete the new player registration and requested info accurately and entirely. Upon registration every player will use their very own log-in handle (hereinafter “username”). The username then may be used to log into the web site utilizing a pc and/or a cellular device.

 3.2 The player should preserve the player account particulars. If lost the player may retrieve their username by sending an electronic mail to admin@gofish.roday

 3.3 The player warrants and represents in any respect times, not to:

 be restricted by any entity/agency in a authorized capacity

 be performing for a secondary party

 be categorized as a compulsive gambler

 deposit monies – funds originating from criminal activity and/or un-authorized activities

 deposit monies – funds utilizing a credit card or other financial instrument which he/she isn’t authorized to use

 participate in video games and/or deposit monies for such video games in cases where the video games   supplied by company aren’t allowed in player’s dwelling state or residence state.

 deposit monies into an account for other reasons than collaborating in or playing video games provided by the Company

 sell/transfer and/or purchase accounts or funds to/from different players

 3.4 The player is allowed just one account. If company notices that a player has multiple accounts, the company may block or shut any or all the accounts.

 3.5 Participation in the video games supplied on the web site by company is restricted solely to personal individuals over 18 years of age or the respective age required by the player’s jurisdiction of the player’s residence. Company reserves the right to request player proof of age verification. In case adequate proof is not supplied by player, Company reserves the right to disclaim entry to it’s products, services and games and any current or future payouts (withdrawals of money).

 3.6 The video games and companies provided on the web site are based mostly on the present technology. All affordable efforts will  be used to right any recognized defaults that may occur.

 3.7 Depending on the player’s Nation or State of residence, entry to or participation in cash winning’s video games or tournaments and the acceptance of prizes could be subject to different authorized regulations. Company doesn’t encourage the usage or participation in video games provided on the web site by gamer’s who reside in states and/or countries, in which such companies or video games the company offers aren’t legally permitted. The accountability of utilizing the products or services offered on the web site in line with the authorized regulations of the jurisdiction the player resides in lies solely with the player.

 3.8 We restrict these territories for our games: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lao, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

 The following States inside the territory of the United States of America are restricted from our games, either because we believe skilled game wagering to not be lawful or a license/permit is required: Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, and New Jersey. Attempts are made to block access to our website from within these states. However, geoblocking software may not always perform as desired and those accessing our site should know that simply being able to access the site does not mean that the games provided are legal in their jurisdiction. This is not legal advice and you should seek your own council for information regarding the legality of our games in your jurisdiction.

3.9 If any player has comments or complaints the player can send such comments or complaints to admin@gofish.today. 

3.10 In order to protect you and the company, we may request documentation that proves your identity at times. Understand that this rule has been put in place to prevent fraud and misuse of your information. This information is kept totally confidential.



 4.1 Any misconduct in utilizing the products or services of Company is prohibited. Especially, but not restricted to the following:

These acts shall be deemed as misconduct:

 Players intentionally offering inaccurate or deceptive information;

 Players trying to control the outcomes of video games by concerted practices or in some other way;

 Players intentionally inflicting or exploiting web site malfunctions or defects in an effort to undermine the pure stream of the game;

 Registered gamer’s opening a secondary account;

 Players violating another regulation set out in these terms and Conditions


5.1 Any deposit that receives a deposit match promotion will be subject to a wager rule.  Matches under 50% will require a play through/Cycle of 3 times the initial deposit credit.  Matches of 50% or greater will require a play through/credit cycle of at least 5 times the initial deposit credit


6.1 The games and software we provide is directed only towards users who by the laws of their home jurisdiction are not prohibited from wagering on skilled  games on the Internet through the application of the software. Gofish.today carries no intent to enable a User to apply the software for any contravention of any law in the User’s home jurisdiction.

In addition, Some of the games and software we provide are directed only towards users who by the laws of their home jurisdiction are not prohibited from wagering on non-skilled games of chance on the Internet through the application of the software. Gofish.today carries no intent to enable a User to apply the software for any contravention of any law in the User’s home jurisdiction.

Deposit Agreement

7.1 Your deposit form signature confirms that you understand and agree to the following terms: 

7.2 Registered gamer’s can deposit money to their player accounts by means of utilizing the “deposit funds” page.  All deposit methods utilized by players must be in the players name as owner of that financial account.
7.3 A deposit is taken into account deposited on the time the deposit is irrevocably credited to Company’s account and accrued to the related participant account. Company undertakes checks and carries out needed due diligence procedures upon a made deposit. 
7.4 We (company) may credit a player’s account with what is known as “bonus money”. Company determines the circumstances of the crediting of the bonus and the quantity of the affiliates or player’s bonus amount. The bonus is acknowledged individually and will solely be paid out as soon as conditions of receiving and using the bonus have been met. 
7.5 Gamer’s (players) will not be allowed to build deposits with funds obtained by ill-gotten means. All transactions are monitored for irregularities to stop cash laundering and fraud. Any suspicious account and/or transaction could also be reported to the related authorities. 
7.6 The gamer (player) account should not be used as a monetary establishment and/or banking facility. Deposits made into a participant account ought to solely be made for the goal of utilizing the funds in our provided games. 

Withdrawal Agreement

8.1 The participant may request a payout of his winnings. The minimal payout will be no less than $30. Most every day withdrawal’s are restricted to $235 for players with accounts less than 90 days old and $335 for those with accounts older than 90 days and at least 4 prior deposits. Payouts to the participant can be transferred to their Cash App, Bitcoin wallet, PayPal, bank accounts or a mailed check but not restricted to due diligence checks, anti-money laundering checks and anti-fraud checks. The Company endeavors to complete all requested payouts inside 6 hours during the day, assuming that ID and any needed verification has been received. Any transaction prices due (e.g. for worldwide transfers, bank wires) are borne by the player. 
Player accounts less than 6 days old may take up to 12 hours to process.  it is our goal to process (review game logs and issue payment) all other withdrawals in less than 5 hours.

Wager Issues – Problem Gambling

9.1 I am aware that if at anytime I feel I may have a wagering problem, or for any reason,  I can self exclude by completing a service ticket (link in site footer). Or for immediate assistance, instant messaging a representative using the chat bubble at the bottom left of the screen.


9.2 I understand that even in wagering games that may include some aspect of player skill, regardless of any skills you possess, you should only wager within your means, always taking care of your financial responsibilities first.


9.3 I understand that a streak of wins does not guarantee future successes and that most of the games get progressively harder or easier based on the days or prior days recent payouts. 



Thanks for purchasing our games at gofish.today operated by W Alpha Shot S.R.L. San Jose, Costa Rica .

We offer a full money-back guarantee for all purchases made on our website. If you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased from us, you can get your money back no questions asked for any unused game credits (tokens). You are eligible for a full reimbursement within 3 calendar days of your purchase.


After the 3-day period you will no longer be eligible and won’t be able to receive a refund. 


If you have any additional questions or would like a refund please click the service ticket link in the sites footer.  Make sure that you have viewed the knowledge base first, if you have trouble installing a game App or other tech issue.  


United States of America
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday12:00 pm – 11:59 am





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