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Games can be fun, skill games that offer a chance to win money can create even more excitement and enjoyment for the player.  But these things will soon lose their entertainment and enjoyment if not looked at as a hobby or entertainment.  

Working on my own fish tables and sometimes playing others is one hobby of mine. But These games should not be looked at as a supplemental source of income.  99% of people who do that are not going to be happy in the long run.. because the Majority of people are not going to end up taking more money than you play in the long run.  Sure, You’re likely going to win more than you play sometimes, otherwise the games wouldn’t be as enjoyable or appealing.  But in the long run most people have to spend more than they take, otherwise this business would not exist very long.
 We have Contracted with a top producer of skill games. Difficulty on all fish skill games is set so that the average player will win some but will likely spend more than they win,  in the long run.  Fish are added and subtracted from the games all the time so that statistical odds favor the business.  Most people know this but many still have a hard time knowing when to stop.  
If you feel that this may be you and you’re spending too much money playing the games, money that should have been spent on things that you need…you may want to exclude yourself from play.  Just write us at and leave us your name and your account ID – the email tied to your account.   We will within 24 hours blacklist your account from future play and any form of payment we have on record for you.  
We do understand at times pranks and other mistakes may put you on this list.  If this is the case leave your information with a detailed description of how you believe you were put on the list.  Unfortunately due to the nature of this list we will not be able to reinstate anyone immediately, regardless of the reason given there is a minimum 48 hour wait period after a request is made.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes but hope you can understand the reason this rule is in place.
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