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Quick Start Guide


The first step in enrolling as a new player is to complete our short signup form.

Start by clicking the signup button found at the top of every page on your desktop/laptop or “enroll now” on the homepage for mobile devices..



  1. Enter your name, date of birth, email
  2. Next, choose the game room you want to 1st join and how you plan to make your 1st deposit
  3. Enter your deposit amount, choose a PIN for cashing out your winnings and if you received a promo code from a friend or Ad make sure to enter the code
  4. Finally enter your name to s-sign that you agree to our terms found on our terms page (link at the top of every page) and submit.

You will then be redirected to our deposit information page.  On this page you will find instructions for making your first deposit.  After you have made your deposit give us a few minutes to create and fund your account.  We will then email you your login info.  You can also IM us by clicking the Facebook messenger link found at the bottom of each page. 

Go Fish Today Homepage screenshot
Joining as a new player is as easy as clicking the signup button at the top of the page (laptop/desktop) or on mobile devices by going to the menu and choosing the "home page". Then click "enroll now" on the homepage.
If you want to share and earn points please login first
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