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CLICK HERE for alternate deposit instructions (no TR points earned). The nature of the fish table online game systems only allow one rep in the back office to process payments at a time.  Due to the popularity of these skill games it can be hard to credit player accounts in a timely manner.  For this reason, we do have a minimum deposit rule in place. However, we don’t want to discourage the tipping of our reps.  Future deposits under $10  ($9 or less) will be assumed are representative tips and though they are greatly appreciated, please do not send under $10 if this is not your intention.


If form does not load on your device please click here for alternate form (ignore the URL field on alternate form this is just a hidden field with your device IP it is auto populated when you submit)

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*W/D Request made over night will be processed in the morning (typically no later than midday).  Do not make multiple request over night as each request will set you further back in the queue. **If wanting a check, you will receive request for your address. Express service available in some areas for fee. ***We cannot w/d from safes and logged in accounts. If you are logged in and/or have your money in the safe you will receive an email notification after our attempt and instructions to transfer money or log out.

****Cash App funds at this time will be sent as BTC. We recommend you immediately convert it to your country’s fiat currency. At times Cash App may have a wait of 12-24 hours for cashout withdrawals.  We are restricted to a rolling $17,500 monthly payout limit on our 2 Cash App accounts we use for withdrawals.  This limit is met daily on a rolling average.  So payouts later in the day may need to wait.  If you would like funds as soon as possible, please include your Cash App Bitcoin Wallet address, another ETH/BTC address or consider another payout option. NOTICE: Cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) has a fluctuating price throughout the day and at times can be very volatile.  If you withdrawal in a cryptocurrency and are more comfortable with a stable currency, we recommend that you sell it (click the sell button in Cash App) and convert to your countries fiat currency soon after receiving it (Cash App does this for you when you click sell).

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Your deposit is automatically sent to us in US dollar stable coins and then credited to your game room.

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